My take on religion: Just go with science

I grew up Catholic, so religion, God and the Church where no strangers to me. But for some reason I always had trouble wrapping my head around the whole concept. As a kid I always questioned: Why is there one god and so many religions? If the church was made by men, what makes it so holy? And if the church is not about riches, what’s up with the Vatican and all the poverty around it? I was never satisfied with the answers I got – They never really explained anything. Continue reading “My take on religion: Just go with science”

Why I’m switching to Twentyseventeen and Gutenberg

When I build websites for clients I build everything from scratch. I am able to control a lot of functionality this way and build a website specific for that one client/brand/voice. But when I build websites for myself, like my personal blog, I typically end up buying a theme with a slick design from and just rolling with it. That stops now and here is why… Continue reading “Why I’m switching to Twentyseventeen and Gutenberg”

Writing Code For VR

I have been exploring with React VR recently and it is quite interesting to write code for Virtual Reality compared to web. I mean for the most part you are still writing React code so a lot is very similar. But since you are working within a 3D space you have to think in terms of meters instead of pixels. Your canvas is no longer of rectangular shape but a sphere (or cube) that wraps around you. The viewport is now a camera with a horizontal and vertical Field OF View (FOV). And of course, you can position elements or the user (camera) anywhere on the X, Y or Z axes. Continue reading “Writing Code For VR”

A programmer’s advice to marketing agencies

For the past few years I have done consulting work for digital agencies. I have worked with agencies from California, DC and Chicago performing roles from Front End Developer to Project Architect. Some of the agencies I have worked with really have their s**t together and it shows. Others not so much, and it also shows! Here is some advice for those agencies. Continue reading “A programmer’s advice to marketing agencies”

WordPress VS Magento

As a programmer, I get asked a lot if Magento is better than WordPress? Most people say you are better off going with Magento if you are building an e-commerce site and WordPress for non-commerce websites. Usually, I hear arguments like “An e-commerce store is not scalable in WordPress”. I think there is a little bit more to it. Continue reading “WordPress VS Magento”