A 360 Tour of Santiago Bernabeu

If you are a fan of Real Madrid (or just a fan of good soccer) and you would like to step into one of the most prestigious arenas in the world, then this is for you!

Take a 360 tour of the Santiago Bernabeu, the official stadium of the Real Madrid!

Start at the top of the stadium and work your way down. Step on the turf and inside the players’ locker room.

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Writing Code For VR

I have been exploring with React VR recently and it is quite interesting to write code for Virtual Reality compared to web. I mean for the most part you are still writing React code so a lot is very similar. But since you are working within a 3D space you have to think in terms of meters instead of pixels. Your canvas is no longer of rectangular shape but a sphere (or cube) that wraps around you. The viewport is now a camera with a horizontal and vertical Field OF View (FOV). And of course, you can position elements or the user (camera) anywhere on the X, Y or Z axes. Continue reading “Writing Code For VR”