Why I’m switching to Twentyseventeen and Gutenberg

When I build websites for clients I build everything from scratch. I am able to control a lot of functionality this way and build a website specific for that one client/brand/voice. But when I build websites for myself, like my personal blog, I typically end up buying a theme with a slick design from themeforest.net and just rolling with it. That stops now and here is why… Continue reading “Why I’m switching to Twentyseventeen and Gutenberg”

WordPress VS Magento

As a programmer, I get asked a lot if Magento is better than WordPress? Most people say you are better off going with Magento if you are building an e-commerce site and WordPress for non-commerce websites. Usually, I hear arguments like “An e-commerce store is not scalable in WordPress”. I think there is a little bit more to it. Continue reading “WordPress VS Magento”


Cibo is an agency in San Francisco that was looking for a developer to assist in building their new website. It was a great experience working with such organized and knowledgable team.

Cibo has plenty of developers and knowledge on technology. I had the privilege of assisting on this project due to the fact that their team was busy on clients’ projects.

Continue reading “CiboSF”