Cibo is an agency in San Francisco that was looking for a developer to assist in building their new website. It was a great experience working with such organized and knowledgable team.

Cibo has plenty of developers and knowledge on technology. I had the privilege of assisting on this project due to the fact that their team was busy on clients’ projects.

Built Using Timber

Cibo used a combination of Timber and Advanced Custom Fields to build their site. This proved to be a powerful combination. There is so much you can achieve using these two individually awesome tools.

I think this is a great combination for an internal team who knows what they are doing but I would not recommend this on a client’s website. There is too many options that affect other elements on the site. Non-technical people will one day make changes without knowing the consequences and end up breaking something.

Timber is a powerful theme builder that uses the Twig Templating Language to build out the front end of your site. Your PHP handles all the logic and serves the data. Your twig files display the data and set the HTML. It’s a neat way to keep things organized and a sustainable way to scale.

Syntactically Awesome Style Sheet

The front end has quite a few animations happening on scroll and many of the elements are overlapping on others. This type of “organized chaos” was easier to build and apply across the whole site due to the use of SASS.


Of course, for the admin interface they want a user friendly and reliable interface. Why would you want anything less? So they chose WordPress as their CMS. WordPress is extremely flexible, well maintained and reliable when used properly. Fortunately the guys at Cibo know what they are doing!

Task Management

A nice feature that as a developer I appreciate is the fact that Cibo had already setup their project with Gulp. When I came on it was very easy for me to get started having used Gulp before. I love when clients appreciate the use of task managers such as Grunt or Gulp.


As I mentioned before, it was nice and refreshing to work with such an organized team. QA was handled via Jira and it went smooth. Everyone knew how they were supposed to label and handle tasks as they came through which made for a smooth process in squashing bugs.

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